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NeXtime Light it Up Light Unit – 8.66″ Diameter




  • No extra attachments or tools are needed; just hang the unit on the wall and put your clock over it
  • Add a nice glow to your glass wall clocks with this back light unit
  • Every clock creates a different effect when using the Light It Up light unit
  • Designed exclusively by NeXtime
  • Light Unit measures 8.66″ x 8.66″ x 1.00″
  • Adaptor included

Turn your clock into a special piece of art with this light unit. Your clock will have a nice glow! Simply hang the light unit on your wall, and put your clock over it. No need for extra attachments or special tools. With every clock you will get different effects. At the same time, the area will be lighted, so there is no need for an extra lamp at your wall, and you will have two items for the price of one. Adaptor included